2019 - 2020


October 18, 2019

Open Dialogue: The Mental Health System of Care Delivery in Western Lapland, & A Way of Being with Those in Crisis & Difficulty with Their Families and Social Networks That is Philosophical and Meaningful

presented by Alita Taylor, MA, LMFT

1.5 CEUs

Learning objectives:

Participants on this workshop will be able to:

  1. Learn the Seven Principles and the 12 Elements of practicing Open Dialogue and how they came into development

  2. List and describe the current ongoing international research on applying Open Dialogue in early psychosis

  3. Review the research that this approach is utilized due to its robust results. Clients can experience less disability, less unemployment, less neuroleptic usage, & less long-term mental health service usage as compared with other treatment groups from studies conducted in Finland.

Using Nutrition to Treat Manifestations of Anxiety

presented by Kristin Allot, ND, MS, LAc

1.5 CEUs

Learning Objectives:

Participants attending this workshop will learn:

  1. An explanation of how health and nutrition impact mental and emotional functioning, including the ability to manage emotions and make reasoned decisions.

  2. A summary of key brain science research on trauma and resilience, and how the legacy of trauma impacts people in high-stress situations.

  3. Tools and strategies for individuals to reduce their anxiety, PTSD nightmares, sugar cravings, and improve energy and mental clarity.


November 15, 2019